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Cypress View Point

Cypress View PointA best viewpoint of Vancouver and the lower mainland perched high up on Cypress Mountain - you don't want to miss this one!

The Cypress View Point is a great place for locals or tourists to capture Vancouver and the Lower Mainland on a fine day. On a clear day you will be able to see as far as you need to - it’s quite spectacular. The view point is located more than half way up to the Cypress Bowl ski area on the south side of Cypress Mountain - it faces south over the city, the water and the surrounds.

Take your camera and lenses. Consider packing a thermos of coffee if you are doing it at night for the city lights experience. Try being there at 6am in summer to watch the cruise ships coming into the Port of Vancouver. Plug in your headphones with some classical music and let the stress melt away.

There is a picnic area located at the Cypress View Point - but it isn’t the best place to be with all the traffic whizzing by. Try going a little further up the Cypress road and you will find a nice area they have redone for picnicking.

The best days are going to be after some good rainfall and a brisk wind - these two will take all the pollutants out of the air and leave you with a breathtaking view of the city and surrounds, the mountains in the east and Vancouver Island in the west. On occasion, you may get above the clouds and find yourself with quite a unique and surreal view over the city.

You really need the car to get to this one. The bold and fitness oriented do bike the Cypress Mountain road and surely stop at the view point for a breather, but this is no family biking trip - so don’t even attempt it.

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